• Coming Out In Poland
• Coming Out Polish Style
• Rainbow Folk
• Trans-Action


• Chelyabinsk: The Most Contaminated
Spot on the Planet

• Fenceline: A Company Town Divided
• From Chechnya to Chernobyl
• Plonacy Facet (Burning Man)


• Adopting Olya
• Anna Proletarian
• Borderline: The People vs. Eunice Baker
• Is This Life Worth Living?
• Like A Butterfly
• Portraits of Emotion
• When the Family Gets AIDS
• The Red Button


• The Good Change (Dobra Zmiana) - NEW
• A Tower of Babel USA (Dutch From Amsterdam, New York)
• B&B Guestbook 9/11
• Michael and Svetlana
• Michnik
• Milosz
• My American Dream
• Niedziela (The Sunday)
• Santa Rosa: Odyssey in The Rhythm of Mariachi
• School Prayer: A Community At War
The Closure Myth
• Zielona Karta (Green Card Gamble)

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Karski and the Lords of Humanity

Karski & The Lords of Humanity is a feature-length partially animated documentary project. The film tells the story of a member of the Polish underground who acted as a courier during World War II and whose most prominent mission was to inform the Allied powers of Nazi crimes against the Jews of Europe in an effort to prevent the Holocaust. Jan Karski infiltrated the Warsaw Ghetto and a Transit Camp and carried his dreadful eye-witness report of the atrocities to Britain and the United States, hoping that it would shake the conscience of the powerful leaders or – as Karski would call them - the Lords of Humanity.


Shimon's Returns

The documentary shot in Poland, Ukraine and Israel tells the story of Shimon Redlich, a Holocaust survivor who returns to places from his childhood as well as different hiding places in his struggle to survive. The film features archival footage from the 1948 Yiddish film “Unzere Kinder”, where Shimon played a role as a child actor. A collector of memories and a seeker of good will, Shimon takes us on a journey through Poland and Ukraine, uncovering the brighter sides of the darkest of times.


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