Bruno Schulz


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Film portrait combining documentary, feature scenes and animation of writer painter, illustrator and graphic artist known for short story collections that bring back the magical reality of Poland’s pre-war shtetl’s. Adam Sikora and Agata Tuszyńska reached those who remember Schulz – his Drohobycz students of the 30’s and 40’s of the previous century. At present they live all over the world, however, they remember very clearly the figure of their drawing teacher, the inconspicuous man tiptoeing the city streets, who at the same time was a powerful tale-mage spinning a yarn during lessons. The film directed by Adam Sikora is an unusual documentary, for it is enriched by staged and animated world. In this world, the drawings by Schulz come to life, the artistic vision is the one that completes the witnesses’ testimonies. The visionariness of Sikora, one of the most recognized operators in Silesia, meets the visionariness of the drawings and fiction by Schulz – the remarkable writer, drawer, graphic designer and literary critic.

57 minutes/English subtitles

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