Don’t Cry When I’m Gone


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Emmy Award-winning film maker Slawomir Grünberg presents a fascinating story of Wanda, a young Jewish woman who miraculously survived the Holocaust. After the war Wanda lived and worked in Poland where she became a celebrated poet, songwriter and TV personality.
The title of the movie Don't Cry When I'm Gone comes from the famous song written by Wanda in Poland during the sixties, set to the music of the popular Italian musician, Marino Marini.
The film features Wanda's friends and her son Zygmunt telling stories about her extraordinary life and her funny and moving eccentricities.
This is an amazing psychological portrait of a women who was capable of  overcoming her war trauma to create a family and build a great artistic career.
Available on DVD and Blu-Ray with English subtitles and in all regions.

56 minutes.  
Language: Polish with English subtitles and in all the regions.

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