It’s Not a Fairytale


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This film portrays Sigmund A. Rolat, a New York – based patron of the arts, businessman and philanthropist. Born in Czestochowa, Poland and a Holocaust survivor. Today Sigmund A. Rolat is a prominent supporter and advocate of Jewish culture in Poland, a key backer of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw and the Krakow Jewish Culture Festival.
Rolat's happy childhood in pre-war Czestochowa left unforgettable memories. In numerous memoirs and in interviews given to the media around the world, Rolat always refers to Częstochowa as his “little homeland”.

In this film Sigmund takes the viewer for a journey to his “little homeland” Czestochowa and together with Joshua Bell brings back to the city a famous violin, which used to belong to born in Czestochowa, a Jewish Polish violinist, Bronislaw Huberman. The film fulfills one of Sigmund Rolat’s dreams of bringing back the famous violin to his hometown. Joshua Bell performs here with the Czestochowa Orchestra and in Warsaw’s Grand Theater in conjunction with efforts to open the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.

Runtime: 45 minutes

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