Michnik: Be a Realist, Strive for the Impossible


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A documentary film about Adam Michnik, one of the most interesting figures of Poland’s political life, the legend of the opposition, the creator of the Round Table Talks and Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza, an essayist and a person evoking extreme emotions of both affinity and aversion. This is the story of a charismatic leader who could change the course of events in Poland with his attitude as proven by the famous letter to General Kiszczak or a decision to disclose the Rywingate affair. This is a story of a man who has many followers as well as irreconcilable enemies.

The eminent Polish priest and philosopher Józef Tischner wrote about him in this way: “Adam is a challenge because he violates some kind of a code, some kind of habits.’

Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz, one of the most renown documentary filmmakers in Poland confront numerous archival materials featuring or related to Adam Michnik with the statements made by the witnesses of events. As a result, the main character will emerge from their stories. Everyone will be asked similar questions about how they met and about one distinct scene related to how they remembered Adam Michnik. They will all try to explain who is and who was Adam Michnik for contemporary Poles.

What is the phenomenon of Adam Michnik? The film is attempting to answer this question.

95 minutes/English subtitles


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