Plonacy Facet (Burning Man)


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America is known to Polish audiences mostly through the pictures and events of New York City and Chicago. The rest of this fascinating country, which is home to more than 250 million people, is a mystery. Poles love America and they are fascinated by it, but they do not know the real America, only a picture created by cinematography and television. But there is an America that is completely different and unusual and which doesn’t fit into the general standards. It is this America that would be introduced to the Polish audience in the documentary film: “Plonacy Facet ‘Burning Man’”.

What is Burning Man? It all started 20 years ago when Larry Harvey, upset after the end of his relationship with a girl, decided to burn a two meter tall statue of a man on the beach. He invited a couple of friends to the beach that day. Everybody had a really good time, and they decided to do the same thing the next year. They didn’t even imagine that 20 years later this would be one of the greatest artistic events in the USA, attracting more than 35 thousand people, not to the beach anymore, but to the bottom of a dried-up lake in Nevada’s desert. During the several days that the festival is held, the sixth biggest city (or rather settlement) in the state is built. It lives for a week and then it disappears as quickly as it was constructed. There is nothing commercial, there are no stores, nothing for sale, and people share everything they have. Every year, people come to the Black Rock Desert to become a part of an experimental society, a group of people interacting unlike any other.

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