“Trans-Action” (HBO Central Europe 2010) tells the story of an extraordinary woman. Anna Grodzka who in 2011 became the first transgender person in the Polish government, and the third transgender member of government in world history, was born in the male body and decided to finally begin her life as a woman only in her 50s. The film documents the most important chapters in this intimate process of transformation. We observe Anna in her daily activities in Warsaw, we witness her intimate conversations with her son and closest friends. The camera follows Anna to court, where she goes in front of a judge in order to claim former gender change in her Polish ID. Finally, we accompany Anna on her journey to Thailand, where she is scheduled to have surgery. The subsequent elements of gender transformation are intertwined with a difficult process of ‘coming out of the closet’ as an open transgender woman.

“Trans-Action” is an inspiring story of the pursuit of happiness and authenticity. It explores some of the most misunderstood phenomena and touches upon the most fundamental aspects of identity and the human condition.

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