About Us

LOGTV, LTD is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c) (3) public charity organization, founded in 1999 by the acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Slawomir Grünberg, to research, distribute, and produce educational documentary films and educational programming with a special emphasis on themes connected to Jewish life, identity, history as well as the Holocaust. The other most successful productions of LOGTV include: LGBT&Q, Environmental, Disabilities and Human Rights, Law, Social Justice and Immigration and Arts and Literature.

LOGTV media team devotes much time to background research regarding the subjects of the documentary; to the professionalism in editing, and in distribution and outreach. A significant number of international and national humanities themes are addressed explored and conveyed in many programs produced by LOGTV. The films produced by LOGTV, are not only shown and awarded at festivals, but also distributed incinemas and shown on TV around the world. Educational activities are of key importance for LOGTV, LTD and it’s films arealso screened in educational institutions such as libraries, schools, and universities.

The company acts as a participant and organizer of seminars and lectures accompanying the screenings of it’s films. The organization also provides internships and training programs in video production. LOGTV served also as the fiscal sponsor for several documentary films produced in the U.S.

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