The Good Change (Dobra Zmiana)

‘The Good Change Poles Apart’ is a unique documentary analysis of the conflict, which is tearing Poland apart and is an example an early glimpse of the populist movement spreading throughout the Western world. The story is led by two Polish women and their families representing the country’s deep ideological split and revealing a nation at a crossroads. Marta’s conservative family represent the ‘new Poland’: Far-Right, Catholic and patriotic, ready to leave the EU. Tita’s liberal family is cosmopolitan and atheistic, happy to live in the EU. We follow them to see if a political compromise is still possible. We see top Polish politicians in the background as they play their game, pushing citizens further and further towards cold civil war.
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Karski and the Lords of Humanity

Karski & The Lords of Humanity is a feature-length partially animated documentary project. The film tells the story of a member of the Polish underground who acted as a courier during World War II and whose most prominent mission was to inform the Allied powers of Nazi crimes against the Jews of Europe in an effort to prevent the Holocaust. Jan Karski infiltrated the Warsaw Ghetto and a Transit Camp and carried his dreadful eye-witness report of the atrocities to Britain and the United States, hoping that it would shake the conscience of the powerful leaders or – as Karski would call them - the Lords of Humanity.
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Bogdan's Journey

Kielce, Poland was the site of Europe’s last Jewish pogrom in 1946. The militia, soldiers and ordinary townspeople killed over 40 Holocaust survivors seeking shelter in a downtown building, injuring 80 more. As news of the pogrom spread across Poland, Jews fled the country. The Kielce pogrom became a symbol of Polish post-war anti-Semitism in the Jewish world. Under communism, the pogrom was a forbidden subject in Poland, but it was never forgotten.
In a free Poland, Bogdan Białek, a Catholic Pole, journalist and psychologist, emerges to talk publicly about the issue. Over time, with great effort, he persuades the people of Kielce to confront this painful history.
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