The Last Witness



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About Film

The documentary spins a tale of Samuel Willenberg’s life. He was 20 at the outbreak of the armed revolt on August 2nd of 1943 in the death camp of Treblinka in Poland. As a result of the revolt 400 out of 1000 inmates managed to escape Treblinka. 67 of them survived the war. The narrative, however, is here and now, against the background of today’s Poland and Israel.

There were only 3 armed mutinies in the history of Nazi death camps. The first one was in Treblinka, the second one in Sobibor on October 1943 and the third was in Birkenau (Brzezinka) on October 1944. The mutinies were caused by the world’s indifference towards the Holocaust. Claude Lanzman told the Sobibor revolt story in his “Sobibor”. The ‘Last Witness’ is the first film to tell the story of the Treblinka revolt.


Written and Directed by:
Michal Nekanda-Trepka

In Cooperation with:
Elzbieta Nekanda-Trepka & Uri Silverman

Jacek Miroslawski, Jan Muszynski & Jacek Knopp

Dorota Wardeszkiewicz

On-line Editing:
Pawel Delis

Zygmunt Konieczny

Music Editors:
Michal Nekanda-Trepka & Joanna Badelek

Yiddish Lullaby “Raisins with Almonds” Sung by:
Alina Swidowska

Jacek Nowakowski

Executive Producer:
Studio Filmowe EVEREST