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About Film

A short feature film based on a script by Tomas Wisniewski is intended as a pilot for a full feature movie. The film tells the story of a birth of a difficult love, which happened between a Jewish boy coming for a religious family and a Polish girl brought up in a Catholic family. As a result of their persistence and love, both are able to break a resistance coming from both religious communities. Slowly as a result of their honesty and patience, although reluctantly, they obtain an acceptance of their relationship.
Action of this film takes place at one of the last pre-war original Bialystok yards. It is the same building and the same Sienkiewicza Street (the street name remained also the same) where Jews and Poles lived next to each other until 1939. This film’s intention is to show that despite tensions and conflicts among Poles and Jews in the pre-war Bialystok there was reasonably good atmosphere full of tolerance and respect among these neighbors.

Available in English and Polish versions and in all the regions


Based on an idea of Tomasz Wiśniewski

Bernarda Anna Bielenia

Tomasz Wiśniewski

Roman Wasiluk

Krzysztof Kiziewicz

Ala & Rafał Grabowski, Jan Mlejnik

Andrzej Brański


Mother — Izabela Dabrowska

Father — Dariusz Szada Borzyszkowski

Son — Michał Karczewski

Jadwiga — Weronika Lewoń

Girl 1 — Patrycja Rojecka

Girl 2 — Julianna Dorosz

Girl 3 — Dorota Kaczor

Girl 4 — Hanna Daniszewska

Ojciec Jadwigi (głos) — Tomasz Wiśniewski

Partial Financial support by the President of Bialystok

Produced by:
Jewish Culture Friendship Society and Film, Sound and Photo Workshop in Michalowice.

Screenings and Awards

World’s Premiere at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2012