Raising funds to complete any movie is challenging, especially in the current climate of independent documentary filmmaking, therefore crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way to fund creative projects. Some seed money was acquired thanks to a  KICKSTARTER  campaign and from the Polish National Centre for Culture, National Audiovisual Institute, Polish Television, LOGTV, Ltd and from private sources.

Donations to support promotion and distribution of the film can be made to Karski & The Lords of Humanity film project by credit card or PayPal at our official website: by clicking on the “Donate” button. Just to remind you that your contributions to Karski & The Lords of Humanity film project are tax deductible. LOGTV, Ltd. is the U.S. Producer of the film and it has a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status. If you shall require an acknowledgement letter for tax reasons, please e-mail